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Driver Ed Applicants

To sign up for our online Driver Ed course, select Driver's Ed in the subject drop down and then select Apply Filter:

Online Theory takes approximately 30 hours to complete. Students will have one year (12 months) to complete the course.
The cost of the Online Theory Course is $120.00*, plus a $5.00 processing fee


*Note: For Downingtown School District Students Only

 A 40-hour course has been developed for Downingtown Area School District students, which earns them a .33 credit after successful completion of the course. The cost of the 40-hour course is $161.00, plus a $5.00 processing fee.  Downingtown students who do not need/want the .33 credit can take the 30-hour course for $120.00. Students will have one year (12 months) to complete the course.

If you would more information regarding our Driver Ed online theory course, please click here.

For all other courses

We strongly encourage you to speak with your guidance counselor to obtain written district approval for any BVA course selections. This is to ensure your district will accept the credit and that the course you have chosen aligns with your district's curriculum.

1) Start typing in the title of the course under Search by Course Title:

2) Choose the Semester your prefer.

 - Full Year 2017-2018 (1.0 credit) courses run from August 28, 2017 to June 6, 2018.

 - Fall 2017 (.5 credit) and Fall Block 2017 (1.0 credit) courses run from August 28, 2017 to January 19, 2018.

 - Spring 2018 (.5 credit) and Spring Block 2018 (1.0 credit) run from January 22, 2018 to June 6, 2018.

3) Click Apply Filter.

4) Choose the course by checking the box next to the course name.

5) To view the course description, click on the name of the course in blue.

*Note: Most of our core courses (math, English, science, and social studies) are available in academic, college prep (CP), and honors (Honors). Please be sure to choose the level you desire when making your final selection.

If you have any questions regarding course selection, please contact our registrar, Jill Eible (JillE@cciu.org or 484-237-5315), or our general information line (info@bvapa.org or 484-237-5350).

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